The Priest of Bridport Catholic Parish

Canon Richard Meyer

He was brought up in the Church of England and served in its ordained ministry for over 20 years. He is a qualified teacher. He became a Catholic in 1994 and was ordained Priest in 2002. Fr Richard was Chaplain of the Catholic School for Girls at Leweston, Sherborne until 2010 when the Bishop asked him to move to Bridport Parish. His home and office is by the Parish Church in Bridport (01308 424 754). Canon Richard was married to Jan (who died in February 2014) and has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Telephone:  01308 424 754             E-mail: richard.meyer@prcdtr.org.uk

Honorary Assistant Priest

Fr. Cornelis Hooijmaijers


Rev. Mark Brown

Telephone: 07530 710880

Parish Secretary

Faith Leborgne

Parish Office Bridport (Tuesday – Thursday 08:00 – 14:00) Telephone: 01308 422 594           E-mail: bridport@prcdtr.org.uk

Lead Children Catechetist

Natalie Williams

Chair of the Pastoral Council

Roger Draper

Lay Ministers

Mike Murless

Louise Heatley

Altar Servers

Stephan & Urszula Dubas


Jennie Burbury

Faith Leborgne

Chairwoman Catholic Women’s League

Mary Cattell

Parish Treasurer and Bridport Choir Leader

Ruth Jenkins

Organist at Chideock

Dr Richard Godfrey

Fire Safety Officer

Mark Wormleighton