The parish is outward looking and tries to support worthy causes overseas. As well as many of the usual Catholic charities doing good work at home and abroad, we support one with local connections:


CAFOD is an international development charity and the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

CAFOD uses our donations to reach out to people living in poverty with practical help, whatever their religion or culture. Through its global Church network, one of the largest in the world, it has the potential to reach everyone. CAFOD campaigns for global justice, so that every woman, man and child can live a full and dignified life.

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals.  A is named after Mary. Mother of Jesus, who brought up her child in poverty.  The charity consists of, respects and reaches out to children of all faiths and none.  At present it reaches out to 1,425,013 children throughout the world every school day. £13.90 will pay for one child’s meals for a whole year. Every child deserves an education and enough to eat.  The vision of Mary’s Medals is that every school child receives a daily meal at their school. You can find out more about their amazing work at marysmeals.org.uk

The Uparo Project

The project is based among the poverty-stricken people in the Kilimanjaro region of North East Tanzania. The charity is raising money to build accommodation for much needed medical staff, who would then be on call throughout the whole 24 hours.

The building is under construction now, but further funds are still urgently needed to complete the work.

For further information, please contact Mrs. Veronica Downey (Trustee) Tel: 01308 862 542, or email via the parish office: bridport@prcdtr.org.uk