The YouCat for Kids says: Confirmation is the meeting point from which God makes you strong through his Holy Spirit to serve the Kingdom of God. As it is the Bishop who confers this sacrament on the candidates, he cannot come to every parish every year.  Instead, during the Easter Season he may come to an area where parishes join together for the event.  The last Confirmation involving children from our parish was in May 2017 at Dorchester.   The Church expects candidates to be at least 12 years old so that they can understand better what it is they are receiving and undertaking.  

After confirmation, our young adults are expected to become more involved in the life of the parish: for example serving, helping with the music of the liturgy, welcoming , taking the collection, proclaiming some of the readings at Mass or leading the Bidding Prayers , and perhaps even helping with the Children’s Liturgy (although, from a safeguarding perspective, there would still need to be 2 DBS checked adults on duty as well.)   To help them continue to grow in their faith, they can progress from the YouCat for Kids to the YouCat (which stands for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church) and the Catholic Youth Bible (from St Mary’s Press.)  These publications are still youth friendly making them easier to understand than the adult versions.