Charity Activities

Charity Activities

The Bridport Catholic Church runs a series of events throughout the year to raise funds for charity and care of the community.

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Comité International de la Croix-Rouge

£1,000 to help Morocco and Libya

Book tokens for two members of the congregation 

£54.30 in recognition of their academic achievements and service to Bridport Church

Solomon Island Relief

£1,000 to assist some poor and marginalised families in Honiara

Syrian Earthquake Appeal

£500 Via the charity Mary’s Meals 

St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School

£150 for books

Confirmation group social event

£202 bowling trip for the youth of the Church

Julia House Hospice


Pilgrimage to Rome

£200 To help a member of the congregation on their walk

Thank you Letter from the Solomon Islands

On Wednesday 5 th April 2023 my wife and I joyfully got ready to begin our Easter ration distribution program, just a day before Holy Thursday. Thanks to the generous charitable donation from Bridport Catholic Parish Charity and Social Commitee, with likely influence from Fr. Cor Hooyermyers we were lucky to recieve funds from UK to assist some poor and marginalized communities and families in Honiara. A task which we gladly accepted when it was requested of us by Fr. Cor.
This is the first of its kind that we have been engaged in and brings with it some new learning experiences. It sounded easy at first but only when things started to roll out did we realise its challenges as well. Identifying and selecting individuals, families and communities to receive assistance was the biggest challenge. You somehow don’t know where to start as more than half of the population are living below the poverty line, yet you have to start somewhere.

The Mataniko River Mouth (Mamana Wata), situated a few meters below the Holy Cross Cathedral. (Source: Solomon Times, Online News Paper)
The Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral

Thanks to Fr. Cor for his overwhelming knowledge of our people, our communities and our shores, his enquiries about an old time friend of his (ex priest Timothy Bobongi) paved way for our first community. The Mataniko river mouth community (better known as Mamana Wata) has two major settlements located there, one on each side of the river bank. This area is well known in our history books as the first landing place of spanish explorer, ‘Alvaro de Mendana’, upon which he found some gold and eventually named our Islands, “Solomon Islands”, thinking that this was where the great biblical King Solomon obtained his gold from. Years on from this historical landing event, gone are the treasures and instead a small fishing village was established on this same shoreline and over the years with people migrating into the Capital city ‘Honiara’, Mataniko river mouth has grown into two very large squatter settlements one on each side of the estuary. On the eastern end well known as , ‘The Lord Howe settlement’, named after the place of origin of its settlers (Lord Howe, an atol archipelago in Northern Solomon’s) and on the western side of the estuary ‘The Mamana Wata’ settlement, where Timothy Bobongi resides at till his passing on to the afterlife in 2016 and where we decided to visit and donate food rations to.

This community consists of an estimated 150 tin shack houses tightly weaved amongst each other with an approximate population of around 1000+ people . Each shack, housing at least 5 people or more. Most of the settlers have no formal employment which only means no steady income as well and a majority of their children also lacking basic formal education. We were lucky enough to identify a respected individual of the community ‘Chief John Phillip’, who assisted us with scheduling and organising the distribution of food rations. Apart from that we were also fortunate to meet up with the wife of the late Timothy Bobongi and convey Fr. Cors sympathy for her loss as well. We distributed some basic food items , (rice, canned tuna, tea, sugar and noodles) plus bathing soap and washing powder of which they gladly received and sincerely thanked the Bridport Catholic Parish. Cheif John asked us to convey their love and easter greetings to the kind men and women of Bridport who gave their heartfelt support to his Mamana Wata Community. We left their dwellings thinking, ‘how on earth will they share these limited food rations amongst themselves?’, but also realising with God nothing is impossible. “5 Loaves and 2 Fish”.


Community members of Mamana Wata gathering to receive rations
Rations for distribution at Mamana Wata

From there we left for Sun Valley an Adventist community at the eastern side of Honiara close to our only International Airport to distribute similar pre packed rations for an elderly crippled widow ,( Mrs Maesulia), whom a friend had suggested deserved assistance. Two other families also recieved rations in West Honiara, Mr Phillip Ngasi and his family and Mrs Flory Paieke and her family.

The timing of these donations we felt was just right as the Lenten season was approaching the Easter Triduum, the whole prospect of which our church encourages ‘Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving’. We are so happy to be able to play a part in this Charitable assistance and sincerely thank The Bridport Catholic Parish Charity and Social Commitee , Patricia Mc’Evoy, Fr. Cor and the Individuals, Families and Communities who donated and who accepted this fellowship. It was indeed a perfect Last Supper. Thank you and a happy easter to everyone.
With the Love of our risen Lord,
Best regards
Vincent and Mary Sangatu and Family.